Sunday, May 02, 2010


here i sit in borders, with my handy-dandy new laptop. it was my birthday present to myself. unfortunately my lovely 15yo nephew toasted the house internet service by frying his desktop (from which all service emanates) while attempting to jailbreak his ipod touch. the ipod is fine, the internet is done for. I may stop in somewhere to see if i can get an adapter and some cable to hook my stuff up directly. since i have no ipod touch to jailbreak, i think my services as a conduit will be a little more reliable.
anyway, here i sit enjoying my compaq and loving it. probably didn't need to spend the money, but i wanted it, so there.
on the knitting front, i haven't finished anything lately. very dull. still working on the citron shawlette. it's very boring. like miles and miles of stockintte stitch. ewwwww! on little needles, double eeeewwwwwww! and it's too hot for angora!!!
enough whining.
next i think i will wander back to socks. instant gratification.
and i think i will try to finish my brioche tank. i am debating about that because i am now 40 lbs lighter than i was when i started it, so maybe i should frog and start again? in a smaller size? i know it's supposed to be loose, but there is loose and there is whoah!!!
on the eating front, yes, i am almost officially at -40 lbs. it's 39 as of this morning. i have had a few hiccups. there is the chocolate, and the fact that i am getting really tired of salads, and the fact that i am stressed about the moving thing, and the fact that i think my hair is falling out, and my lovely friends at the irs, and i have to rely on my sister and her husband for transportation, and just life in general. very stressed am i, but i'll live.

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