Friday, December 01, 2006

10 inches and growing!!!!

ya know, somehow that doesn't sound right :-)
but here in all it's growing glory is Imani's purse.

And here is one for one of the little girls.

The other is a deeper purple.

Now I must say thanks to my sp who sent me the cutest get well card.  I really appreciated it
and it made me feel so much better!  Thanks Sabine!  She actually sent me several cards.  I really like them all!

And because I needed a picture of something relaxing, this is my eldest sister (the one we call the Little General) with my nephew, learning to juggle at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  What is it about kids and jackets?  My nephew refuses to wear one and I usually have to carry and extra along 'cause I know he will eventually get cold *sigh*  Fortunately on this occassion I had a sweatshirt his sister had left at my house (and what is it about kids not understanding the phrase "get all your things together before your mother gets here to pick you up"?)

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vargels said...

I'm working on a couple purses myself...trying to get those presents done. Purses, felted clogs, and socks are what the people on my list are getting.