Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Daddy

 Today you would have been 72.  
I still miss you.  
I hear a song and think of you.  I hear that laugh of yours.  I hear you sing.  I hear you give that funny call you used to give when you heard a song you really liked, or when you just felt really good.  When I hear Moody's Mood, I can see you grab Mom and begin to sing as you danced her around the kitchen, while she shrieked with laughter.
I think of you when I watch a movie, and I wonder what you would say about it.  I think of you when I watch your favorite movies, and I remember lying across your bed as you sat in your favorite chair, and I remember the conversations, and the silence of sharing. 
I remember the hugs.  I remember the games.  
I remember the things you taught me and the fun we had in the teaching.  The darkroom you built.  The pictures we took.  The time shared developing them.  The 3 hour drives in search of good ice cream.  The time you took me to see a horror movie and I had nightmares for weeks. The fun of the drive-in, where we watched so many movies and we all laughed, or screamed, and just enjoyed.  How every outing was an adventure.  How you made the little things special.  You showed us the world and encouraged us to think.  
You taught me to enjoy things, how often I now forget to do that.  
For these things I thank you.
I love you.  
And I miss you.
Happy Birthday.


Calling Kahlo said...

Your father was a handsome man. He sounds like he was a wonderful person.

Katie J said...

Beautiful post. Beautiful man. What a lucky daughter.