Friday, December 08, 2006

to open, or not to open..........what, are you crazy!!!!

I recieved an email from my sp just yesterday, informing me that she had sent me 
a package.  She said it would arrive next week.  
Well, wonder of wonders the post office put me out of my misery and send it early!  

I looked at it for a moment and then opened it.  I admired the pretty Christmas wrap and 
thought  "I should probably wait for Christmas to open this".  I opened the card and
read that the theme for my gifts was "hand made".  At that point I thought "Wait?  Forget that!" and I ripped into each small pack.  

I admired the lavender bubble bath, and thought thankful thoughts about Sabine for writting 
the english translation on the back.  Way cool!  Can't wait to get into that one.  I loooooove lavender.

I gleefully felt the bigger pack and after ripping it open (very neatly, my father would be proud) 
donned my beautiful new wrist warmers.  Love the sparkle and the color!  Kitty loves them too!

I love the delicate and beautiful hand made stitch markers.  How did she know I was thinking of 
making some?  The cat liked them too.  They are now safely put away, out of kitty reach.

My favorite was the book.  Didn't take exact pictures of it, but I will.  She made me a knitting journal, complete with patterns, advice, and important notes on yarn, needles, sizing and yarn estimates.  She put a lot of work into it, and I am almost hesitant to use it, it's so wonderful!  But use it I shall, and I will think of her everytime.  She even included one of her own sock patterns!!!!  I am definitely going to make those!  And use my new stitch markers to keep track!
There is also a hat pattern and clapotis, with room for notes!!  I make copies of patterns and then loose them.  This is the perfect little book to put in the patterns I use and my notes.  Wonderful *sigh*

Sabine, thank you sooooo much!  It's a wonderful gift and you totally rock!!!!!!

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