Monday, January 21, 2008

ain't life grand :-)

Here I sit, I have The Matrix on the tube, my new phone on mute, my new options needles on the sofa sitting with my 10 skeins of lamb's pride wool/mohair in red hot passion (lot 020) and my central park hoodie pattern in hand.  I must say, after the minor (HAH!!!) glitch with the post office, knitpicks and ups came through with flying colors!!!!!  I may have mentioned that the wonderful people at the post office lost my package (expletive deleted because someone may actually know a good postal worker), the folks at knitpicks in response to my email requesting aid, sent a new package ups.  After a couple of misses with the delivery guy, and a bit of misdirection (my request to come in and pick it up somehow was changed to a request for a new delivery), I have my new toys and it's time to play.  I must say I gotta recommend knitpicks for their great customer service.  I also recieved the yarn samples I requested and now I think my own cph will be knitted in the superwash merino.  It feels yummy, and I think I found the color I like.

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Wierdlings said...

What ya waiting for then! Get to knitting!!!! ::cracks her whip of Noro Silk Garden::

BTW, what kitty? Someone giving me a kitty? Kitty on the way? ::confusion sets in, oh that is all the cough meds I am takin::


Jealous over those needles. ::nods nods::