Monday, January 14, 2008

postal blues........

It's been 10 days since my knitpicks options harmony needle set left ohio, and according to the usps 
tracking thing,  my needles are 8 blocks away at the Brentwood 
Road sorting station. 
They have been there for 7 days.  
I have emailed the postal service (for all the good that will do),
and I am tempted to email knitpicks (which will do absolutely no good what-so-ever).  
I want my new needles.  I want them now.  
Unlike Veruca, I don't want the world, I just want my needles.  *sigh*
I also want my other new item.  

I am due for a new phone (razr is doing that "I'm about to fall apart because
you know I wasn't meant to last for more than a year or two anyway"thing)
so I ordered this.  According to the amazon site, an item that I purchased
Friday evening, and paid for 2nd day service for, hasn't even been picked up yet!!!!!!!!!.  
How can they meet a guaranteed delivery day of the 16th if it hasn't even
left the warehouse yet!!!!!!  
It's active (I just left a message for myself *giggle*),
but I can't use it (whaaaaaaaaa).  
I bought it through Amazon because I saved $100 for the same 2 year
contract I would have had to sign up for if I had gone through t-mobile.
Well, patience is a virtue.  It's just I'm not all that virtuous ;-)


C Meir said...

Anticipation, Anticipation is makin' me wait...See you got me singin' old songs...

Carol M

Wierdlings said...

ooo a new design for the website! I think I may need to freshin my look too now.

Evil woman!