Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happiness is.......

.......................stitch markers!!!!!!!!
Okay, raved about this hat pattern, then I got to the lace part.......several attempts later I thought "you finished an entire lace shawl, two of 'em, what did you do different from this little hat??!!!!!????"  And then it came to me, STITCH MARKERS!!!!!.  What a difference.  Now I know when I have added a yo or fogotten one.  whew!  Almost done.  But because of my hair, I am making the hat using bulky yarn, but following the instructions for the worsted.  Hopefully this will add the extra 2 or three inches of hat I need to cover my hair, otherwise I will have a really big hat :-)
Oh, and the yarn is Araucania Copihue.  

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Lynda said...

Your hair is really that big? I didn't think it was from the one picture I've seen of you, but then again, you were kind of bundled up.