Thursday, January 31, 2008


Okay, my apartment is half packed, I am almost out of boxes, and the movers are scheduled to be here in 12 hours.  This should be fun.
Meanwhile, I have completed the first 3 1/2 inches of my niece's Central Park Hoodie. 
It's coming along swimmingly, but I guess it should be since at this point it's just rib :-) 
I must say I love the options needles.  They feel great, look great, and the sharp pointiness is divine.
I have also taken the plunge.  It pays to stay off the computer at 2am, I have to say that first.
This morning at about that time (actually it was probably closer to 1am), I joined 3 (count 'em, 3!!!!!) sock clubs.   The Eleganza Yarns Sock Club, the Yarn Collective Sock Club, and the Twisted Yarn Club.  Totally cool!  Very excited.  Well, I think I need to stop procrastinating and start packing :-).  If I get a solid hour of packing done, I will allow myself a 30 minute stretch of knitting :-)

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Katie J said...

I knew you were moving, and I'm wondering if it's close to where you were before? I have some hopes of meeting up someday. Good luck with packing. I hate it with a passion.