Monday, September 22, 2008

almost done......

Well, just sitting here listening to Blondie and enjoying the 500 gigs of external hard drive bliss just purchased from Best Buy (oh Joy!!!!).  No more evil "you have 200mb of memory, please delete something for heaven's sake!!!!" messages.  I put the whole itunes file on there and now I'm crusin'.  way cool.  

okay, still no pics, but the cph is almost done!!!  Unfortunately it fits her ( so I have to give it to her (my mom said so, 43 and still listening to mom *sigh*).  Anyway, now her brother wants a sweater.  Kinda nice, huh :-) especially since he doesn't know who the red one is for.  Now I am trying to find something for a 14yo boy.  It won't fit him by the time I finish it, but whatever.  I guess if I make it waaaaaay too big.......  But something that he will wear, I am at a loss *sigh*  Most of the ones on Knitty don't look very interesting - too fussy, or too many cables (hellooo, just finishing cph and the multi-cabled sweater from hell is still on the needles after 3 years!!!!).  Hmmm, need to think about this.  Maybe I'll cast on some socks and think it over.

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