Tuesday, September 30, 2008

random thoughts

Last night my sister, the kids and I spent a little quality time on youtube and a couple of other sites.  We watched theSNL Palin skits, as well as clips of the Palin/Currick interview.  Then we watched the entire interview.  It was both sad and frightening.  This is a woman who would be a heartbeat (and let's face it, he in all likelihood wouldn't last the whole four years) from the presidency.  I know interviews can be intimidating, but......... she was reading responses from notes, some of her answers didn't answer the questions, her answers about Israel and Iran were terrifying!  I can't believe anyone would support McCain, but with her as a running mate that should make it easier to decide not to.  
I watched the debates.  I was even less impressed by McCain than before.  Unfortunately I am convinced something hinky will go on with this election too.  
I think I'll buy a lottery ticket today.  
Last week went out with a friend.  I told my sister it was great to have a friend who could appreciate my interests (knitting, torchwood, firefly, good music, tea).  We had a day of all 5!  She purchased yarn, I just looked (totally not my fault, no matter what she says, I just took her there :-)  We went to Eleganza in Frederick.  My favorite part of the store, the sale bins.  Gotta love $4 yarn.  Then we had tea at Serenity.  It was awesome, as always.  Love that place.  My friend bought tea (again, not my fault - the store does have 53 varieties of loose tea so how could she resist).  Great times.  Part of the fun was me trying to remember how to get there.  Did I mapquest directions, like I usually do?  Of course not, so there were lots of wrong turns and a lot of driving around.  She took it well (I mean we did both have big Starbucks cups in hand and great music on the ipod) and we found both eventually.  I think I did well for having been to each place just once, and not on the same day.  Okay, maybe I went to the yarn shop twice, but it was a year ago.  
cph is still on the needles.  There is something intimidating about having to pick up 300 stitches.  Socks are almost done (finally), just need to bind off on one and finish the last inch of the 2nd.
No gift knitting done, or started, or thought about.  Okay, not true.  I am going to make a scarf for baby bro, as well as the socks.  Finally something to do with that dark blue baby alpaca (the scarf, not the socks). 
Off to finish the laundry.  The kids are home because of Rosh Hashanah.  I am ignoring them.

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