Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dude, what is up with this????!!!!!!

 Okay, for the second week in a row I am finding assorted bees staggering around my apartment.  I have never before had a problem with bees in the house, and I know, they are looking for a warm place to hang, but dude, how are they getting in?????  I do not like bees.  I like honey.  I like flowers.  I do not like bees.  Especially not in my apartment, crawling around on the floor where I am about to step!!!!!  Last summer it was ants.  Now it's bees.  I need a new apartment *sigh*

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Shelby said...

We've been getting wasps in. And I feel about the same way you do about bees! They freak me out!! I couldn't find where they were coming in either. Maybe under the front door??