Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New Yarn!

Let me just take a moment to sing the praises of Sarah's Yarns. I ordered some in a bit of a fit of spending frenzy (though I controlled myself and bought only one cone) and it just arrived!!!!! I had forgotten I had purchased the ruby red and was suprised to open the box and find red and not purple (must be old age, and the fact that I kept changing the color). Now, I was impressed by the prices (which I think are pretty reasonable) and the speedy delivery (gotta love ups) but most of all by the inclusion of sample cards for the yarns!!! She charges for them on the site, but she sent the whole shebang!! I had issues with the colors displayed on the computer. Some of them were so pale, I couldn't really decide if I liked them or not. Having samples of the yarn in my hot little hands is wonderful! I thank the goddess of podcasts, Brenda Dayne for mentioning her.
I also want to thank my secret pal! She sent me the most wonderful e-card. I liked it so much I sent one to my spoilee. She said she is sending my first package. I am veeeeeery excited about that!
Will post pics later of the yarn and the scarf.

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