Monday, October 30, 2006


Hey, I just discovered the Compose mode.  Well, how do you like that.  How long have I been doing this :-)

Anyway, I am currently slacking on the project front.  I went shopping and purchased a nice sock yarn for my pal and some nifty cotton for myself.  It's actually not for me because I plan to use it for Christmas gifts for others.  I plan to turn it into a soap sack, face cloth and something else trio that I found a pattern for.  Of course, I don't know where the pattern is (I hope it's not in some book I found in the bookstore and didn't purchase) but I will look for it later.  I'm listening to podcasts, Pointy Sticks to be exact.  Saving Cast-On for later.
Well, now that I have figured out how to post links, here is the link to Sarah's Yarns that I tried to post last time.

I'm feeling a little discombobulated.  It was my first day at my new store and I spent the day working the counter, thus none of my plans for the day could be implemented or even considered.  I wanted to reset the floor, get some new products started, check employee files, get my email transfered and up and running.  Alas, I spent the day asking "whole or sliced" and cutting up bread *sigh*  Tomorrow I am an extra body, so I should be able to set my plans in motion.  New products, more products, files, attendance sheets........  Plus I will be on time.  I have two alarm clocks (I don't sleep that heavy, I just don't want to get up) and both had issues this morning.  The first one I forgot to adjust for daylight savings, so it went off at 3am instead of 4am.  The second one I adjusted the time on, but it was set to snooze for some reason and it never went off.  I don't understand this clock.  So instead of arriving for my first day of work on time, relaxed, breakfasted and with a nice cup of tea in hand, I arrived harried, hungry, and 30 minutes late.  
Fortunately I don't have to sign in yet :-)

Back to projects.
I am still working on the red scarf for my sister-in-law.  I haven't touched the red aran sweater for me.  I haven't finished middle sisters gloves.  I haven't started big brothers scarf, or purchased yarn for it (I think he gets red, just like his wife).
I feel the clock ticking away, like some portent of doom, marking the hours until Christmas eve when I look up to find that I don't have presents for most of my faimily and have to rush out to Borders before they close to buy gift cards (again)......... although........ the Home Depot cards did seem to be pretty popular last year...........
On the project plus side, the shawl is for Mom and it's safely zip-loc'd away, as is baby brothers scarf.  I have decided to use my new silk/wool blend to make Cozy from Knitty (fall '04) for myself.

I think this needs a picture, so I present scenes from the Seattle public library.

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