Saturday, October 07, 2006

there's good, and there's not so good.....

Finished G's socks! Yea!!!!!! Didn't take pictures. Booooooo! Oh well, I finished them in the middle of the bakery team leader meeting and gave them to her during the appreciations section. She loved them. I called them promotion socks. They were actually "thanks for being my friend, congratulations on 7 years clean and sober, congrats on the promotion, and you are such a sweetie" socks. I went with her to her anniversary meeting and she suprised me by asking me to give her her 7 year medallion. Now, I have never been to a meeting before so I wasn't sure what to expect, besides lots of people going up and sharing their addiction stories. It was quite heart rending, and funny, and a little inspiring. It's amazing to hear what people can do to themselves and how they can overcome it and be stronger for the experience. I was honored to be there, and so proud of her. She cried during her talk. I almost cried too.

Other news, I feel like crap today. Actually it was earlier today, I feel better now and almost want to go out of the house. I think I will leave the house, in search of the skein of yarn I need to finish my shawl. Also, I think it will be warmer in the car than it is in my apartment. The heater keeps blowing out my surge protector so I have to keep it on low, and the building hasn't turned on the heat yet, though they have had the plumbers/heating unit repair dudes out. They should be coming by to bleed the radiators soon. One of the drawbacks of this lovely old building. According to my sound machine, it's 67.5 degrees in here. Have I mentioned I don't like cold and to me that is cold?

Well, I do have to leave today in search of food. I don't have any and I need some to feed my symptoms (maybe a slight cold, maybe i just need to take my allergy meds). I think a nice chicken stew (maybe some coq au vin) would be nice. Mmmmmm, and I have a nice loaf of ciabatta that would go perfectly with it.

Memories of a warmer time. Courtyard of Place d'Armes hotel in New Orleans, LA July 2006. 90 degrees in the shade. Bliss.

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